Workshop Manuals

Here are my most popular workshops, the cream that has risen to the top, after years of hard work marketing them:

I have created 5 seasonal manuals, and each one comes with my Top 10, proven workshops for each season. Pick as many as you want from among my Top 10 that you want to use that season. There are 50 workshops just waiting for you to start.

The Five Seasonal Workshop Manuals are Only $99 Each.


You could put the pictures online, and start taking orders in an hour.. But hold on there’s more…
With each Workshop Manual you get:

  • A ready-made flyer to mail, or insert into the newspaper, or to simply just email right out to your customers. It is created in Word, so you simply select eight of the ten classes you like the best, add your logo, the date, time, and of course cost of your workshop and you’re done!
  •  Images you can use in your marketing and advertising pieces.
  • Workshop descriptions you can use on Facebook, Twitter, your website, in brochures
  • Ingredients you will need to host each workshop (with approximate costs included).
  • Vendor names and importantly contact information for items that are hard to find.
  • Special instructions on how to make the project, so easy a high school student could do it!
  • Notes for teaching beginners – as well as advanced techniques for veteran gardeners.
  • Common mistakes attendees make so you can help attendees to avoid them.
  • Strategies to sell add-ons, up-sells and cross-sells during classes.
  • Tactics to keep attendees coming back, again and again.
  • More in-depth topics on making workshops profitable

Still Not Convinced?

Ed-BemisWell, you are still reading, so you must still be interested. Wait until you read what my husband, Ed had to say:

“I wish this had been around when we started our workshops. I would have gladly paid the $99 to have someone else put in the hours that Tina always does to choose our workshops and create our flyer.”

But this really is an incredible value for what you receive. You can practically just hand the manual to a staff member and be done.

Here’s what Denni Jones of County Line Nursery in Pennsylvania had to say a few years after I suggested that she add my workshops to her product mix:

“We need to appear vibrant, trending, progressive, and most importantly involved with our customers. We hoped that the Make & Takes would be a more interesting ad vehicle than just sales alone. The one on one time spent in classes with customers is intimate and very much grassroots advertising. Think of Pintrest’s popularity. Mostly, I don’t want to have (other) events where I don’t know how much it is costing me and I don’t know how much will be bought from us. As we discussed, this is a paid, measured event where everyone leaves happy, my till rings, and customers write nice reviews about us. They then go on to recruit friends.”

You Have Nothing to Lose with Tina’s No-Risk 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try it for 30 days, 60 days or 90 days … it doesn’t matter. If you’re not completely satisfied that our Workshop Manuals give you the tools you need to add a new profit center to your business, let me know and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked. What could be fairer than that?

Order All 5 Manuals Together and You Will Also Get for Free (a $148 value):

200 Words to Pepper your Descriptions with Spice AND 200 Workshop Names to Intrigue and Inspire

Pepper Your Descriptions with Some Spice and Watch Sales Sizzle

I have a list that might be helpful, if you still want to create your own workshops. Or if you want to expand on my descriptions with your website, emails, or Facebook posts. Earlier in this book I mentioned how important it was to write a good description. In my first years of hosting workshops, I tried to cram too many workshops onto each flyer I sent out, and subsequently I often found myself with very little room for words. This led to uninspiring descriptions, with just the enough words to be functional, but certainly not enough room to inspire folk. Here’s a boring description I wrote back in 1998 for a Holiday Class making Williamsburg Fruit Plaques:

Inspired by Williamsburg, Virginia, this indoor decoration features fresh apples and greens.

Ugh! Good thing I had a great picture! By 2007, I was getting a better feel for just how important a good description can be, regardless of whether or not I had a great picture to suit. My improvement is as follows:

Replicate the style of the masters in Colonial Williamsburg using preserved magnolia leaves with shiny, red apples or long-lasting pomegranates.

Here’s how I write it today:

A true Wiilamsburg-style decoration combines simple elements readily available in colonial times and transforms them into dramatic décor. Discover which soft, wispy greens contrast best against shiny, bold-textured magnolia leaves.  Anchor on three burgundy- red apples from a local orchard, then nestle in a treasury of wild berries, scented cinnamon sticks, unique pods and colorful twigs.

I think my English teacher would be surprised.  I mentioned two books I’ve used to write better descriptions:  Words that Sell and More Words that Sell by Richard Bayan. If you want to save yourself the $30 of buying both books, and the time duly spent trying to pick words pertinent to our industry, I’ve already done it. I plucked out 200 words that help describe the kinds of things we offer, and then I rearranged them by theme. Remember how changing the description of our Layered Bulb Pot workshop changed the attendance from 19 to 150? This is probably the easiest way to get a quick return on your investment. The way I do it is, I first just write the description as it comes into my head.  Then I take out my list, and sprinkle in the words that I think help to tell the story of the class.

Not only will this list be useful in writing your own workshop descriptions, you can also give it to the person who makes your signs for a little inspiration. This list is available for $49, and it just might be the best $49 you spend all year. Click here to order without manuals

Use it just once, and if you don’t think it helped your persuasive writing, I’ll give you your money back.

Workshop Names to Intrigue and Inspire

Over the years I’ve invented and collected clever workshop ideas, and have amassed a list of 200 names. Many of these names describe a particular class, such as “Bog in a Bowl” and some of the names can be used in a myriad of ways such as “Tuscan Sunset.”  This list is available for $99.  There are no images or descriptions, just fifteen years worth of research and experience! Click here to order without manuals